The Benefits to Owning Land | Lands For You

There are many benefits to buying land in Arizona, including the potential for appreciation in value, the ability to build a custom home, the potential to generate income through rental or agricultural use, and the opportunity to enjoy the state’s natural beauty and mild climate. In general, Arizona is a desirable place to live and … Continued

The Benefits Of Manufactured Home Investment In Phoenix

Imagine Phoenix is like a big sandbox. More and more kids (people) are coming to play in this sandbox. But there’s a problem – not everyone has enough toys (houses) to play with, and some toys are just too expensive. Now, there’s a new kind of toy in town: it’s like a cool Lego house … Continued

Buying a Mobile Home in Phoenix? 5 Tips for Savvy Investors

Not typically considered for real estate portfolios, mobile homes provide a less competitive vehicle for investment diversification into specific market sectors. At the same time, the returns on investment properties or resales are lower, so too are the initial investments. Therefore, if you’re buying a mobile home in Phoenix, you will want to pay close … Continued

5 Tips for Mobile Home Investors in Phoenix

The long-standing stigma of mobile homes is slowly fading into the sunset. Mobile homes offer a great chance to diversify your real estate portfolio for a reasonably modest investment. First, however, it is helpful to understand what is involved in this unique market niche to help you save both time and money. The mobile home … Continued

5 Reasons Why Phoenix Investors Are Adding Mobile Homes to Their Portfolios

The secret is out! The time has come for mobile homes to get the respect they deserve as a passive income stream and building a retirement nest egg. Investing in real estate and building a portfolio of real estate holdings has been the pathway to freedom for savvy investors earning passive income by quietly investing … Continued

1 Acre Near Rio Rancho, NM | Lands For You

Jim from here reviewing a 1 Acre parcel near Rio Rancho in Sandoval County The listing is here: Planning to live near Rio Rancho and Albuquerque in New Mexico? We got you! This 1-acre residential parcel is located just 15 minutes away from Rio Rancho and 30 minutes away from Albuquerque. Rio Rancho … Continued

What Exactly is Owner Financing and How You Can Use It in Phoenix

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you may have heard of the terms “seller financing” or “owner financing” and you’re not sure what they mean. In this blog post we’ll answer what exactly is owner financing and how you can use it in Phoenix as another option to buy your next home… Buying a … Continued

Land for Sale – 1 Acre near Dateland in Yuma County | Lands For You

Jim from here reviewing a 1 Acre parcel near Dateland in Yuma County The listing is here:… Start your adventures here because this 1.0-acre off-grid lot in Yuma County, AZ has endless possibilities! Deserted landscapes, and clear blues skies await here. Easily accessed via Monterey Rd, and about 3.1 miles north of downtown … Continued

Land for Sale – 1 Acre near Dateland in Yuma County | Lands For You

Jim from here reviewing a 1 Acre parcel near Dateland inYuma County The listing is here: Hang on tight because we got a lot just for you! Tucked in a smooth dirt road of Encanto Rd., about 8 minutes from downtown Dateland, AZ, lies a quaint 1.0-acre equipped with an easy road access … Continued

Types of Owner Financing Arrangements

Do you know the different types of owner financing agreements? If you’re thinking about buying a house with owner financing, make sure you read this blog post because this information will make a huge difference in how much you pay and how long. Owner financing. For buyers, it’s a powerful way to acquire property without … Continued

How to Know if You Should Sell Your Investment Property in Phoenix

Investing in real estate has long been a popular means of growing one’s wealth. However, deciding when to sell an investment property, particularly in a dynamic market like Phoenix, can be a challenging decision. Factors from macroeconomic conditions to local real estate trends play a role. This article delves into the specifics of the Phoenix … Continued

5 Things Phoenix Land Investors Need to Know

Stop! Investing wisely in raw land can add cash flow to your monthly income and build wealth and passive income for your retirement years. It is worth investing the time to educate yourself on the passive income earned by investing in land in Phoenix. The best practice is to cover all your bases before making … Continued

How to Determine the Value of Your Land in Phoenix

Land can be a valuable asset for an investment portfolio yet is one of the most underutilized investment vehicles. The competition for bargains in raw land sales is not nearly so fierce as in the Phoenix housing market, and these bargains are waiting for you!  While investors can flip land, typically, investors in the land … Continued

4 Things to Look for When Investing in Phoenix Land

When considering investing in Phoenix land, it’s important to recognize the potential for substantial returns. Investing in land can be very lucrative, especially given the city’s dynamic market trends. Diversity in your investments gives you a measure of safety to weather storms in different sectors of the market. Real estate, within the context of Phoenix, … Continued

How To Check Who Owns a Property | Lands for You

This is Jim from Lands For You, in this video we’ll be talking about how to check who owns a property. Verifying ownership of a property is important because you need to ensure the person selling it is the rightful owner and can actually sell it to you! Checking who owns the property will ensure … Continued