Are you worried that you won’t LOVE your land when you see it for the first time?  We have you covered with our Land Exchange Guarantee!

In addition my 30-day money back guarantee, I offer a land exchange program.  What is the Land Exchange Guarantee?  Here’s how it works…

If you visit the land you’ve purchased after buying it and you don’t LOVE it – I don’t want you to be stuck with it!

You tell me you do not LOVE the land and Katherine and I will make things right with our Land Exchange Guarantee – we will happily roll all of the payments you have made into a new property of your choosing.  There is a small $99 fee for the paperwork and accounting changes I’ll have to make.  That’s it!

There is no worrying about whether you are stuck with something, you have the option to trade up!

If you take advantage of this offer which costs you nothing, the same rule applies to the next property if you don’t love that one either.  As long as you are current and making payments, you can apply these funds towards a property more to your liking!  Simply put, we want to you to LOVE the land you purchase!

A repeat buyer, Joe B., has taken advantage of this guarantee multiple times and now enjoys over 50 acres!  He buys land, enjoys it and rolls his payments into something bigger and better for his family!

Katherine and I want you to be happy with your land and we will do everything we can to accommodate you!

This guarantee, combined with our 30-day guarantee are both things we stand behind and are proud to offer!

Please buy with confidence – we look forward to working with you and helping you!

Joe B. Loves the 1 Year Land Exchange Guarantee
Success Story - Valentino takes advantage of the 1 Year Land Exchange Guarantee
Lands For You - Dennis F., satisfied buyer testimonial!