4 Things to Look for When Investing in Phoenix Land

When considering investing in Phoenix land, it’s important to recognize the potential for substantial returns. Investing in land can be very lucrative, especially given the city’s dynamic market trends. Diversity in your investments gives you a measure of safety to weather storms in different sectors of the market. Real estate, within the context of Phoenix, … Continued

How To Check Who Owns a Property | Lands for You

This is Jim from Lands For You, in this video we’ll be talking about how to check who owns a property. Verifying ownership of a property is important because you need to ensure the person selling it is the rightful owner and can actually sell it to you! Checking who owns the property will ensure … Continued

Land for Sale – 1 Acre near Meadview in Mohave County for only $499 Per Month | Lands for You

Jim from LFY here reviewing an awesome 1 Acre parcel we got from Mohave County in Meadview area near Las Vegas. The listing is here: https://www.landsforyou.com/property/land-for-sale-1-acre-for-sale-near-meadview-in-mohave-county-for-only-499-mo/ The first thing you’ll notice is that it has drive-up road access which is very easy to get to. It’s been partially developed and there are people in the … Continued

Checking For Utilities on Your Land Parcel | Lands for you

When you buy vacant land, it is important to know if utilities are available if you are planning on building. If you are planning to build something in the area, you will need utilities. You will need power in the area and you will need water in the area – depending on what you are … Continued

Understanding How Land Loans Work for Property in Phoenix

Often, buyers that start out seeking the perfect home determine that their best option is to build their own house and find themselves in the Phoenix land market. Other buyers are seeking land for commercial reasons that no existing property will suit. No matter what your purpose for the land, it’s crucial that you understand … Continued

Land For Sale – Buildable Parcel 0.13 Acres Near Holbrook in Navajo County | Lands for You

Jim from https://www.LandsForYou.com here reviewing a 0.13 Acre parcel near Holbrook in Navajo County The listing is here: https://www.landsforyou.com/property/… Subscribe to Our Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoue… This 0.13-acre parcel located in Painted Desert Mobile Villa, less than 20 minutes away from Holbrook, is an ideal location for a small home! Site-built homes, manufactured homes, including rehabilitated … Continued

Land for Sale – 0.68 Acres near Mayer in Yavapai County for only $499 Per Month | Lands for You

Jim from https://www.LandsForYou.com here reviewing a 0.68 Acre parcel near Mayer in Yavapai County. The listing is here: https://www.landsforyou.com/property/land-for-sale-0-68-acres-near-mayer-in-yavapai-county-for-only-499-mo/ A beautiful residential parcel, this 0.68-acre parcel is located about 20 minutes away from Mayer and 1 hour away from Phoenix, AZ! It is a sloped property, with some bushes, and is very accessible because it … Continued

4 Things You Should Know About Land Surveys in Phoenix

Good fences make good neighbors, especially when they’re in the right place. When you are ready to buy land, recently surveyed land is the best land available. Land surveys are well worth the cost because they precisely show you what you are buying. They also help you avoid the expense of dealing with the responsibility … Continued

4 Reasons Why Savvy Investors Are Adding Phoenix Land to Their Portfolios

Phoenix, Arizona, colloquially known as the Valley of the Sun, is not just a thriving metropolis surrounded by desert beauty; it’s also a hotspot for smart real estate investors. While the city’s residential and commercial properties have long been in the limelight, there’s another real estate asset that’s drawing increasing attention: raw land. Here are … Continued

How To Really Profit From Buying And Selling Land In Arizona

Buying and selling land isn’t always the first thing people think of when talking about real estate investments. However, the right piece of land can provide tremendous profit when purchased with strategy and forethought. Below, we will discuss some ways you can profit from buying land in Arizona!  Buying and selling land in Arizona can … Continued

5 Things To Watch Out For When Buying Land In Phoenix

Phoenix, bathed in perpetual sunshine and characterized by its expansive growth, has become a hotspot for land buyers and investors. Whether you envision crafting a serene desert retreat, tapping into the vibrant real estate scene, or seeking profitable ventures, securing land in Phoenix carries immense potential. Yet, the city’s distinct topography and array of regulatory … Continued

Comparing Your Selling Options For Your Phoenix Real Estate

It is always smart to explore your selling options before selling your house in Phoenix. In our latest post, find out if a direct sale, an FSBO or hiring an agent is the way to go for you! Many people think that the only way to sell their house successfully is to hire an agent … Continued

4 Things To Do With Land In Phoenix

As a landowner or potential landowner, you may be wondering how to make the land really work for you. You want to generate profits from the land, but how? In our latest post, we discuss what to do with land in Phoenix. While many people buy land to add to their portfolio, with big plans … Continued

First Time Buyers Mistakes | Lands For You | Phoenix

First time buyers should not feel intimated by the real estate market, however, they should know what to watch out for! Buying a home is a very exciting, but one mistake could take the wind right out of your sails. Read below to see our list of the biggest mistakes first-time buyers make so you … Continued