Lands For You was built from the ground up by us, Jim and Katherine.  We provide safe, easy, reliable and fast land purchases. 


Our Story

I have always loved cracking jokes and making people smile.  Nothing gives me more joy than connecting with someone and making their day.  I started my first business in 2017 and I fell in love with being an entrepreneur and serving customers directly.

I love what I do and I’m always happy to lend an ear, give you my input and share my knowledge freely.  Every week, I send out a special Deal of the Week and offer you a bargain on land for you and your family. I also include a note about our family, a funny story or a tidbit about the land to save you some money! 

Lands For You is a truly family-owned, family-operated business with just one core value at heart: “Do Right By People”.

To know more About us – connect with us by telling us what you are looking for!