The Land Buying Process Explained

The land buying process is very simple – there are 2 basic ways to purchase property: Cash Sale and Terms Sale. In this video, I talk about the basics of both processes.

The Land Buying Process Explained
Explaining the land buying process

Hey, it’s Jim!  Hope you’re doing well! 

Just wanted to talk to you real quick… I had somebody ask me the other day “What’s the process of buying land?” and there’s really 2 ways.  So if you saw something on my website and you liked it and you wanted to buy it, there’s really 2 ways you can start the land buying process.

One way is for Cash.  Pretty straightforward – you would just pay the full cash price – you can either pay it via PayPal, you can wire the funds, you can also pay via debit or credit card.  We also take Venmo and Zelle, stuff like that.  You can do it that way and then all you’d do, you’d just tell us your name, you tell us how you want it Deeded. So, for example, if it’s you and your spouse or you and your kids you would just tell us exactly how you want it deeded.  Once we get the funds then we will actually record it with the County for you. We have software called Simplifile, which lets us very inexpensively and quickly file it with the county, so we’ll actually do that for you.  So that’s the first way it’s called a Cash sale.

The second way to start the land buying process is with a Terms Sale and what that means is you put a certain amount down, that’s the down payment, and then the rest you just going to pay month-over-month and that can be tracked on our website. We have a website called GeekPay and that lets us track those monthly payments so you can always see how much you owe, how much is left, we have a copy of that signed contract there. So when you say you want to “buy land on terms”, you put the down payment down and then we write up a contract – it basically says my wife and I own it and we’re gonna deed it over to you once all the payments have been made and if you need to see that contract beforehand, you want to check it out, just ask – happy to provide that for you.  So that’s the second way.

You can either pay cash and get title right now, or, you can pay it off over time with the terms contract.

And there’s never a pre-payment penalty so if you want to play it off sooner, that’s great I’ll even probably give you a discount if you’re making a huge prepayment!

So, those are the two ways, it’s pretty straightforward, you know, my wife and I own all the parcels that we sell so if you have any questions about anything you can just ask us.  But those are the two ways – Cash Sale and then a Terms Sale.

So just wanted to share that with you video with you, if you have any other questions, I’ve included a link below

Any questions you can email me directly at jim at

Hey, have a great day, bye!

The Land Buying Process Explained

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