Living Off-Grid In Arizona

Living Off-Grid In Arizona – A Customer Success Story!

Genia is living off-grid in Arizona with land she purchased directly from Lands For You!

She started with 1 acre and now owns 4!!

The Beginning

Genia’s journey to live off-grid started with her responding to an ad I placed on Facebook with one of my off-grid parcels for sale in Arizona.

I gave her a number of different option.  She visited several parcels but none were exactly what she was looking for.

She finally found a great piece of land near Concho, Arizona.

The Purchase

When it came time to decide to buy, I worked with Genia to help her afford to purchase this land with a reasonable down payment that made sense for her budget.  We both took into account what was feasible for her so she could enjoy living off-grid and take care of other financial obligations.

We even recorded the Deed for her with the County and covered those expenses.

The Result

Genia is a happy, repeat customer and the video speaks for itself!  She went on to purchase 3 more parcels from me bringing her total to 4.  As of this blog post, she is planning on buying a fifth as well!

What made it all work is our commitment to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your land purchase.

What This Means For You

We sell lots of off-grid land in Arizona.  This land is beautiful, rugged and ideal for those who want to live closer to nature..

We offer flexible financing and stand behind our sales with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and our 1 Year Land Exchange Guarantee

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