Bernard is a Satisfied Arizona Land Seller!

Bernard sold me his land in April of 2019 and he sent me a wonderful letter after we completed the transaction.

Even better, he followed up with another wonderful letter in December of 2019!

Working with friendly people is what I love about buying and selling land!

First Post!  Bernard is a Satisfied Land Seller!
Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Jim.

I just wanted to show you the coolest thing.

This is from a guy who sold me his land.

I was going through my desk and I saw this note back from April. This guy, Bernard, had written me the nicest note, and back in December he wrote me a Christmas note too, and it was just the nicest thing… and this is from a guy who sold me his land.

It’s really cool when you treat people nicely, you treat them with respect and they write you a such a nice thing.

I just wanted to share that.  Bernard, I hope you see this!

Thank you for that nice note!

And yeah, I love doing business with people. If you have any questions about land, just reach out to me. Take care. Bye!

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