The Ins and Outs of Living Off-Grid in Navajo County

The idea of living off-grid is appealing to many – living away from the noise of the city, away from the crowd, and away from the flashing city life. It means waking up every day and enjoying a breath of fresh air, a calm and serene environment, and a total freedom! Many people are looking for land for sale in Arizona so they can go off-grid, and plenty of them are now living peacefully and comfortably with nature.

Navajo County is one of the good places to live off-grid in Arizona. It offers good weather, diverse landscapes, and plenty of things to enjoy most especially to outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a famous place among retirees, environmentally conscious individuals, and outdoorsmen.

In this video, Rich, the Concho guide, discusses the ins and outs of living off the grid in Navajo County. He has been living off the grid of several years, and he also helps landowners locate, visit, and even photograph their properties.

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Land in Navajo County, Arizona - Jim with Rich The Concho Guide

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