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Coconino County, located in northern Arizona, is a captivating region renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, cultural diversity, and rich history. Spanning over 18,600 square miles, the county encompasses a wide range of geographical features, including the iconic Grand Canyon, the towering San Francisco Peaks, and the picturesque Oak Creek Canyon.

At the heart of Coconino County lies the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. With its breathtaking vistas, sheer cliffs, and vibrant colors, the Grand Canyon attracts millions of visitors each year. The county also encompasses other natural treasures such as the mesmerizing red rock formations of Sedona, the serene forests of the Coconino National Forest, and the otherworldly landscapes of the Painted Desert and Wupatki National Monument. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a myriad of activities, including hiking, camping, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing, while photographers and nature lovers will find endless opportunities to capture the beauty of this diverse and majestic land.

Coconino County is also home to a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant community. The city of Flagstaff, the county seat, offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. It is home to Northern Arizona University, Lowell Observatory, and the renowned Museum of Northern Arizona, showcasing the region’s cultural and scientific contributions. The county is also home to several Native American tribes, including the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Tribe, and the Havasupai Tribe, each contributing to the area’s cultural tapestry. Visitors can immerse themselves in Native American art, traditions, and ceremonies, gaining a deeper appreciation for the indigenous cultures that have thrived in this area for centuries.

Coconino County’s extraordinary blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor adventure makes it a destination that captivates the hearts of travelers from around the world. Whether exploring the depths of the Grand Canyon, wandering through the vibrant streets of Flagstaff, or seeking spiritual renewal amidst Sedona’s red rocks, Coconino County offers an unforgettable experience that celebrates the wonders of Arizona’s diverse landscapes.

What To Do in Coconino County

Coconino County, Arizona, offers a diverse range of activities and attractions, thanks to its stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences. Here are some recommendations for things to do in Coconino County:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park: No visit to Coconino County would be complete without experiencing the Grand Canyon. Explore the South Rim, hike into the canyon, or take a helicopter tour for breathtaking views.
  2. Sedona: Known for its red rock formations, Sedona is a picturesque town offering hiking trails, art galleries, and spiritual retreats. Don’t miss the scenic drive through Oak Creek Canyon.
  3. Flagstaff: This city is a gateway to various outdoor activities. Visit the Lowell Observatory, explore the historic downtown, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains.
  4. Hiking and Outdoor Activities: Coconino County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Consider hiking in the Coconino National Forest, exploring the San Francisco Peaks, or enjoying water activities at Lake Powell.
  5. Meteor Crater Natural Landmark: Located near Winslow, Meteor Crater is a well-preserved impact site created by a meteorite thousands of years ago. Take a guided tour to learn about the geology and history of the area.
  6. Wupatki National Monument: Discover ancient Native American ruins and Puebloan dwellings at Wupatki National Monument. The scenery is stunning, and there are several short trails to explore.
  7. Havasu Falls: Although a bit of a drive from Coconino County, the Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Reservation is worth considering for a multi-day adventure. The turquoise waterfalls and red rock canyon make for a stunning backdrop.
  8. Arizona Snowbowl: If you visit during the winter, enjoy skiing and snowboarding at Arizona Snowbowl, located just outside of Flagstaff.
  9. Cultural Events: Check out local events, festivals, and cultural activities happening in the area. Coconino County often hosts art exhibitions, music festivals, and Native American cultural events.
  10. Wildlife Viewing: The county is home to diverse wildlife. Visit the Bearizona Wildlife Park or keep an eye out for animals while exploring the natural areas.

Remember to check for any seasonal considerations, weather conditions, and park regulations before planning your activities. Coconino County provides a rich blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences for a memorable visit.

Geography and Weather

Coconino County, located in north-central Arizona, is the second-largest county in the United States by land area. The county is characterized by diverse landscapes, including mountains, forests, plateaus, and desert terrain. Some notable geographical features include the Grand Canyon, portions of the Colorado Plateau, and the San Francisco Peaks, which is the highest mountain range in Arizona.

Key geographical features and areas in Coconino County include:

  1. Grand Canyon: The county is home to the northern section of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.
  2. San Francisco Peaks: This volcanic mountain range includes Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet (3,851 meters).
  3. Coconino National Forest: Encompassing diverse ecosystems, the national forest offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.
  4. Colorado Plateau: The county is part of the Colorado Plateau, known for its colorful canyons, mesas, and buttes.
  5. Mogollon Rim: A prominent escarpment defining the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, offering stunning views of the landscapes below.


Coconino County experiences a diverse climate due to its varied topography and elevation changes. The weather can vary significantly between lower elevations and the higher mountainous regions.

  1. Flagstaff (Elevation: around 7,000 feet/2,134 meters):
    • Summers: Generally mild with daytime temperatures averaging in the 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (20-30°C).
    • Winters: Cold and snowy, with average daytime temperatures ranging from the 20s to 40s Fahrenheit (-6 to 4°C).
  2. Grand Canyon (Elevation: varies, but around 7,000 feet/2,134 meters at the South Rim):
    • Summers: Warm during the day, but temperatures can drop significantly at night. Daytime temperatures range from the 70s to 90s Fahrenheit (20-30°C).
    • Winters: Cold with the potential for snowfall. Daytime temperatures range from the 30s to 50s Fahrenheit (0-15°C).
  3. Lower Elevations (e.g., Sedona):
    • Summers: Hot, with daytime temperatures often exceeding 90°F (32°C).
    • Winters: Cooler than in lower deserts, with daytime temperatures ranging from the 40s to 60s Fahrenheit (4-20°C).

Given these variations, it’s important to be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially if traveling to different elevations within the county. Whether you’re exploring the Grand Canyon, hiking in the mountains, or enjoying the cultural attractions, it’s advisable to check the local weather forecast and pack accordingly.

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