Land for Sale near Williams and Grand Canyon!

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Williams – the Gateway to the Grand Canyon National Park. It is a city located in Northern Arizona and is known for history and stories of the Old West. It’s about an hour away from the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the US! And, the good news is – we have land parcels for sale in that area!

These two parcels we own (1.07 acres and 1.02 acres), are available for sale, and are located between Williams and Grand Canyon National Park! Amazing location, isn’t it? The small community of Valle is just a couple of minutes away from these parcels as well! The location makes these parcels perfect places to build a vacation house so you can always have a place to stay every time you are visiting the Grand Canyon or the other nearby parks and historic sites! If you want to move in, you are definitely welcome and start building a home on these land parcels! Of course, you can also have manufactured homes or mobile homes!

Not only the Grand Canyon, but the Kaibab Forest Park, where the Red Butte Trail is, is not too far away also from these land parcels near Williams. The Red Butte Trail offers a scenic view of the area, and is primary used for hiking, walking, and cycling. The Humphrey’s Peak, the highest point in Arizona, is another place to check out when you are in the area!

Access – these two land for sale near Williams have easy road access! There are dirt roads to each of these parcels, so you might need a bigger car when you visit them! They are just right off the dirt road, so they are very easy to locate. You just need to input the coordinates on your map, and it will lead you through the parcel! And, if you are flying in from a different state, the Valle Airport is just a couple of minutes away from these land parcels!

Both of these parcels are located in a very peaceful location. They are far enough from these communities (Williams and Valle) to give you that off-grid vibe. You can do star-gazing at night, and enjoy the silent surroundings – free from the noise of the city! Not to mention the mountain view on these parcels – they are beautiful!

Another amazing thing is that there are power poles in the vicinity of the 1.07 acres land! That means, wiring up your own electricity should you decide to build something on this parcel is very doable, and less costly! 😊

Check out the video I created about these land parcels near Williams:

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