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This is Jim from Lands For You, in this video we’ll be talking about how to check who owns a property.

Verifying ownership of a property is important because you need to ensure the person selling it is the rightful owner and can actually sell it to you! Checking who owns the property will ensure that you will not be the victim of a scam or a fraud.

2 things needed to verify ownership of a property are the:
1 – County of the property
2 – The parcel number or APN.

The first way involves checking online. You can start by googling the GIS website of the County. If there is no GIS website, you can also search on the County Recorder or County Assessor website. (If the County does not have a website, you should call their Recorder’s Office directly and ask.)

Once you’re at the County GIS site, you will then enter the APN number onto the site and find out who owns the property!

You can also verify this information is accurate by asking the Seller of the land for a copy of the Deed which proves their ownership.

The second way to verify ownership can be done by calling the County Recorder’s office. While on the phone, you can also verify the last sale price!

The County Recorder’s Office is a great resource that can provide you with additional information on the property you are considering buying. They can give you insight as to the Zoning, utilities and other valuable information. If they don’t know, they can point you in the right direction!

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How To Check Who Owns a Property | Lands for You

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