Buying Land in Arizona – 4 Hidden Benefits!

Buying Land In Arizona – The Benefits!

Whether you are just thinking of buying land in Arizona or you want to add to an already robust portfolio, land can be a safe and profitable choice! There are many great things about buying land in Arizona. Learn more about some of the benefits in our latest post!

When people think about real estate investments, their minds donBuying ‘t usually jump to buying and selling land, although maybe they should! Land is easy to buy and easy to own. It doesn’t require time, effort or a large down payment. It is an appealing asset to investors of all levels and can be an extremely simple way to generate profits fast. Keep reading to learn about a few of the many benefits of buying land.

Potential Profits

The profits on land can be huge and can happen almost overnight in some cases. In one scenario you can buy a lot in an up and coming area, and resell for a few thousand more than what you paid. Another option would be to find an ideal piece of land to develop and determine its highest and best use. Maybe you can build a rental property, a duplex, or a commercial office building. Even something as simple as fencing a piece of land can add value. Whether you choose to hold the property without developing it, develop and rent it out, or sell it once it has been developed, you will likely be able to amass thousands of dollars in profit. Before making plans to develop a property, make sure it is zoned the way you need it to be or that you are comfortable and feel confident about requesting a zoning change. Nothing is worse than making plans to build and finding out you won’t be able to go through with the project as intended.

Great Way To Get Started

Buying land is one of the easiest ways to begin investing in real estate. For a few thousand dollars you can own a piece of land outright, without ever having to borrow any money from a lender. By not taking out a loan, you can potentially save thousands on loan origination fees and interest. Katherine and I make this even easier by selling land for low monthly payments. When using land to begin your portfolio, you can buy in a growing area and quickly resell, taking the profits and reinvesting into something larger. Keep this up, and you will have created a massive portfolio in a short amount of time!

Low Maintenance

If you choose to keep the property, your maintenance costs will be little to non-existent. The only real costs of owning land come from property taxes. Also, depending on the lot’s location, you may have to pay to have it cleared once in awhile. Land in some subdivisions needs to be maintained so it is not overgrown. When you own land, you won’t have to deal with repairs, renovations, or high property taxes. In many counties, one acre of land will only have about $8 worth of taxes per year! You won’t have to worry about the property being damaged or vandalized. In most cases, owning land is a completely hands-off and low-maintenance investment, with the potential to bring home big profits in the long-run!

No Geographical Limitations

Buying and selling land is much different than buying and selling other forms of real estate. In most cases, you don’t even have to see the property in person in order to confidently make an offer. Tools like Google Earth allow you to even view the land directly from across the country! With the tools available to you online, you can research and view a piece a property no matter where you’re located, opening the doors to investment opportunities all over the country and even all over the world!

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